PhD Graduates – ICSL

PhD Graduates FY 2009

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Jacqueline Fairley Spring 2009 Statistical Modeling of the Human Sleep Process via Physiological Recordings
Phillip Jones Spring 2009 Cooperative Area Surveillance Strategies Using Multiple Unmanned Systems

PhD Graduates FY 2008

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Bhaskar Saha Spring 2008 A Model-Based Reasoning Architecture for System-Level Fault Diagnosis

PhD Graduates FY 2007

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Otis Lkuwamy Smart Spring 2007 Evolutionary Algorithms and Frequent Itemset Mining for Analyzing Epileptic Oscillations
Matthew C. Wiggins Summer 2007 Bayesian based Risk Stratification of Atrial Fibrillation in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients
Abhinav Saxena Summer 2007 Knowledge-Based Architecture for Integrated Condition-Based Maintenance of Engineering Systems
Johan Reimann Summer 2007 Using Multiplayer Differential Game Theory to Derive Efficient Pursuit-Evasion Strategies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Romano Patrick Summer 2007

PhD Graduates FY 2006

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Ben Thompson Ludington Fall 2006 Particle Filter Tracking Architecture for Use Onboard Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD Graduates FY 2005

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Guangfan Zhang Spring 2005 Optimum Sensor Localization/Selection in a Diagnostic/Prognostic Architecture
Yingchuan Zhang Spring 2005 Product Quality Modeling & Control Based on Vision Inspection with an Application to Baking Processes
Graham Drozeski Spring 2005 A Fault-Tolerant Control Architecture Applied to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

PhD Graduates FY 2004

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Propes Nicholas Spring 2004 Hybrid System Diagnosis and Control Reconfiguration for Manufacturing Systems
Andrew Gardner Spring 2004 A Novelty Detection Approach to Seizure Analysis from Intracranial EEG
Luis Gutierrez Spring 2004 Adaptive Mode Transition Control Architecture with an Application to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Tamir Hegazy Fall 2004 A Distributed Approach to Dynamic Autonomous Agent Placement for Tracking Moving Targets

PhD Graduates FY 2003

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Irtaza Barlas Fall 2003 A Multi-agent Framework for a Diagnostic and Prognostic System
Nathan Scott Clements Spring 2003 Fault Tolerant Control of Complex Dynamical Systems
Yuhua Ding Fall 2003 An Integrated Approach to Real-Time Multi-sensory Inspection with an Application to Food Processing

PhD Graduates FY 2002

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Seungkoo Lee Fall 2002 An Architecture for a Diagnostic/Prognostic System with Rough Set Feature Selection and Diagnostic Decision Fusion Capabilities

PhD Graduates FY 2001

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Peng Wang Spring 2001 Intelligent Signal/Image Processing for Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis
Noppadon Khipiret Summer 2001 An Architecture for Intelligent Time Series Prediction with Causal Information
Rufus Freeman Spring 2001 Intelligent Approaches to Mode Transition Control

PhD Graduates FY 2000

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Rosanna Esteller Spring 2000 Detection of Seizure Onset in Epileptic Patients from Intracranial EEG Signals

PhD Graduates FY 1999

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Sami Al-Hasan Spring 1999 Intelligent Approaches to Mission Planning and Control for Autonomous Vehicles

PhD Graduates FY 1997

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Waqar Mahmood Summer 1997 Intelligent Modeling for Control, Reconfiguration and Optimization of Discrete Event Systems

PhD Graduates FY 1996

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Suzanne Beers Spring 1996 An Intelligent Hierarchical Analysis Structure for Operational Test and Evaluation
Iqbal M. Dar Summer 1996 An Intelligent Sensor Fusion Approach to Pattern Recognition with an Application to Bond Validation of Surface Mount Components
Sungshin Kim Summer 1996 A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Optimization and Control of Complex Nonlinear Processes
Dimitrios K. Pirovolou Summer 1996 The Tracking Problem Using Fuzzy Neural Networks
Vipin Ramani Fall 1996 Reconfigurable Control Using Polynomial Neural Networks

PhD Graduates FY 1995

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Javier Echauz Fall 1995 Wavelet Neural Networks for EEG Modeling and Classification
Muid Ur-Rahman Mufti Summer 1995 Fault Detection and Identification Using Fuzzy Wavelets

PhD Graduates FY 1993

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Shehu Said Farinwata Summer 1993 Performance Assessment of Fuzzy Logic Control Systems via Stability and Robustness Measures

PhD Graduates FY 1992

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Intaek Kim Fall 1992 A Hybrid Analytical/Intelligent Methodology for Sensor Fusion Systems
Young Tae Kim Spring 1992 Fault Accommodation of Large Scale Dynamical Systems via On-Line Restructuring/Reconfiguration

PhD Graduates FY 1991

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Bo-Hyeun Wang Fall 1991 Fuzzy Associative Memories Identification and Control of Complex Systems

PhD Graduates FY 1989

Name Semester Graduated Thesis Title
Hoon Kang Summer 1989 Intelligent/Adaptive Control Strategies for Robot Manipulators