Jay Moon – ICSL

Room 227,
Intelligent Systems Control laboratory (ICSL)
Manufacturing Research Center (MaRC)
Georgia Institute of Technology
813 Ferst Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0560 U.S.A.

Telephone: +1(404) 894-4130
email: Jay Moon


Jungho Jay Moon received a B.S. degree in control and instrumentation engineering from Seoul National University in 1991, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 1993 and 1998, respectively. In 2003, he joined the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Kangnung National University, South Korea, where he is currently Associate Professor. Before joining Kangnung National University, he worked for Samsung Electronics as Senior Research Engineer. He has been in the ICSL as a visiting scholar since August 2009. His research interests include digital control, control applications, and embedded systems.

Selected Publications

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  • L. J. Park and J. Moon, “A Learning Method of Directly Optimizing Classifier Performance at Local Operating Range,” International Journal of Information Technology, vol. 11, no. 10, pp. 74–82, Oct. 2005.
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